Astrology: Who are you people? (Synastry with the reader)

I have Pallas conjunct my Scorpio MC… she is extremely overactive when it comes to looking for patterns of any sort. So I watch closely the stats to the blog. I see where referrals come from, when a blog is directly linked to… how many clicks out on links, who is linking in, Google search criteria… lots of stuff, but I still am wondering, hey who is reading this stuff?

I am planning to write my next blog on how aspects seem to sometimes look hereditary, as in I have Mercury and Mars conjunct near exact and so does my 12 year old son… coincidence? I doubt it. There has been speculation before from other Astrologers that our own clients (in this case readers), share great synastry and similar aspects. Well we are getting near to 3000 views and that would be a lot of charts for me to sort though if you all sent that information in. So I am giving you guys my birth info and asking if you will run a synastry and composite chart and let me know if there is anything interesting…. at least drop in and say hello. I am hoping Ryoin will post his information in the first comment box, and do the same with his.

Theresa, born December 30, 1963 at 9:31AM in Zaragoza, Spain…. some programs will list the city as Saragossa instead.

You can send a list of what you see, or send me the chart or whatever to
Don’t forget to look for the Antiscons, contacts with the house cusps, lords of the houses, going back and forth between the composite and the synastry…. lots of fun stuff. If you are an asteroid person, include those. I do have a special request, if you can, include Asteroid 4666 (Dietz) it is a childhood nick name and I have found over and over it is prominent with conjunctions and placements with those I am close too.

We are very much looking forward to meeting you all!


2 thoughts on “Astrology: Who are you people? (Synastry with the reader)”

  1. You already have my synastry. What about a chart for when you first started the website (blog)? That would be interesting. I have one for mine!

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