Mercury Got Me

I haven’t been online since Mercury went stationary and then retrograde. My computer burned out and I haven’t had internet access. I had an important e-mail I was expecting and had to give my e-mail password to friends and family to watch and respond for me. The e-mail came late and involved a postponement that involved a reshuffling of plans. The culprit for the delay? A fried car battery… Thanks Mercury… The following day brought a slew of text messages going back and forth. One didn’t arrive until after i had asked a question so i sent a question mark. I kept getting a screen saying failed attempt and a resend option…and did i ever use that option until i got called asking why i sent 20 “?” messages. That was actually a good thing, as he was lost finding my house (Merc rx messing with directions and navigation) when my friend arrived I found out about another missed e-mail and we did cross wires a few times with simple communication. As the nature with retrogrades, important things were said that otherwise would have remained hidden. After he left, the missing text that had prompted my “?” attack came in. A few days later I discovered my phone was calling back people if i read a text of their’s. So sorry out there if I called you in the middle of the night and said nothing. I took the computer in for repairs when I remembered I had bought a warranty. Contracts are under Mercury’s domain and returning the computer seems right up the alley of a retrograde. The phone that seemed to have its own agenda started popping up notices about the battery and would shut off even when plugged in. A few days later, the microphone gave out. So again, apologies to those I called and heard nothing. I went to the cellphone dealer, and that place was packed with other Mercury casualties. Not so lucky with the phone, the warranty did not cover it because of the visible damage done to the phone months earlier by an afflicted teen aged Leo Mercury child of mine. I had to change the caller ID name on the account and thought of that Leo child of mine, calls from the phone now will show as from “hellcat’s mom”. The new phone is nice and not immune to the retrograde as the text feature stopped working a few days ago. The computer is due back this Wednesday when Mercury is direct again.

If you are wondering, I am writing this with my cell phone in an email to Ryoin…and with gratitude he will edit typos. Lesson learned with the retrograde? Well I can text like the wind now and had the sense to wait to buy a car (well Mercury gave me no choice, I can’t find the title for the trade in).

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  1. Hello;
    so sorry to hear about you merc. rx problems! I hope al is well now. I’ve sent an email regarding the last post (“sinastry”). I’m wondering if I should sent it again.


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