People have commented to me about how quiet I have been.  Us 12th house types tend to isolate ourselves in order to learn compassion, understanding, and wisdom.  In my case it has been retrospective, questioning, festering, and showing little patience.  Maybe that is the transit Mars Rx.  Or it could be my full Moon configuration at birth.  Oooh, or my great grandmother’s natal Harvest Moon. Yeah, I don’t know, but could easily guess some combination.

I have great respect for Horary Astrology and those that practice the craft.  It is a quick turn around to find out how talented you really are with the understanding of what the stars are saying.  I do discount Relationship horarys as they do not give concrete, cut and dry solutions.  Seriously, trying asking the horary “does he think I look fat in this outfit”.  No matter what the horary says, his answer will be, no of course not (barring he does not have a Sag Merc and the will to die).  A good horary reading can easily take over an hour to do, often to the chagrin of the querant and all those pesky details they didn’t mention and tried to hide.

Predictive Astrology is the one place to really test the accuracy and knowledge of an Astrologer.  It can be scary, and often configurations overlooked make the Astrologer look wrong…. I think that is why we don’t see much prediction being done anymore.  Who wants to be wrong when all we have to do is point at something and say, “ah ha, that is why” and not have to back it up with a solid reason.  There is a basic flaw in logic to say x=y when in fact x= y, c, k, and a banana boat.  Input must produce a singular output conclusion or it becomes a Nonlinear equation…. (and my son said, Jeeze Mom, when will I ever use Algebra in real life) If an aspect equals an outcome, we should all be able to predict with ease.  It is maddening to read, “she died because the transit Moon conjunct her Pluto”  That happens to the entire world population every month, we should all be dead by that reasoning!   Or as a friend of mine told me about her child licking his food before tasting it, exclaiming, “There is that Taurus Moon”.  In a few years when the same kid is found licking the windows, maybe the realization of an afflicted Mercury will make more sense.  Then again, maybe they are right, but I don’t remember 1 out of 12 people licking their salad before dining, I should pay more attention.


Astrology is very dear to me and I am saddened by how much guessing is going on and all the back slapping of “Brilliant!” to hear “Brilliant!” being said back and add another to their “friend” list.  Maybe I am in the wrong expecting accountability with readings, new meanings assigned to pieces of space specks, and no way to challenge any of it because of an  ”I said so” mentality.  New Astrology students asking “What does it mean if my Vertex is semi square asteroid Amour” before they can even tell you why Mercury in Pisces is in detriment and fall.  It doesn’t matter, you can answer, I saw that once before and it means blah blah blah, so now it is a Universal truth.  If it gets published and repeated and never questioned… you get the idea. Who needs basics, who needs proof, who needs research, who needs logic, when all you need is a blog and a thousand friends on FaceBook.


One thought on “Guesstrology”

  1. I would go to that lady for a reading if she promised to make that face everytime she looked into the crystal ball. :)

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