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How is my Financial Future for the next 6-12 Months?

Horary: How is my Financial Future for the Next 6-12 Months?

Horary astrology is a very useful branch of the art.  Some like to use it to better understand current situations, others prefer to get some insight on the past, and still others like to know how certain situations will develop.  Some particularly savvy individuals, however, like to use it to plan.  That is the case with this particular question.

How is my Financial Future for the next 6-12 Months?

How is my Financial Future for the next 6-12 Months?

This question was asked by a nurse who was working two jobs (one full-time, the other part time).  She had recently been laid off of her full-time job. Continue reading


Combustion: Definitions and Measurements

The Sun is an important planet in many astrological techniques, sunpicand his position in the chart and in relation to other planets or chart points can completely alter planetary ability, fitness, and signification. This is most evident in sect considerations, where the Sun’s position above or below the horizon line can change planets into more or less benefic influences, but there is probably no solar condition more dramatic than combustion.

Before we head into combustion, though, it’s important to consider the synodic cycle with the Sun in general.  The synodic cycle is the cycle every planet experiences with the Sun from conjunction to conjunction.  This is most readily apparent with the Moon’s synodic cycle as she goes from her New phase to Waxing, to Full, to Waning, and finally back to New. Continue reading


Two Delineations on a Lost Item Horary

Ryhan and I are both going to attempt this horary.  I was having difficulty and requested his assistance.  In all fairness, I am rewriting the original one that I submitted as I omitted the original delineation.  I went back to the written records of the conversation and am writing from there.

The question is, “Where are the lost hinges?”  The chart was made March 29, 2014 from Security Colorado (use Colorado Springs or Fountain for the city if you program does not have Security) 104W45 38N46 and was cast at 5:16PM. 


The background:  I was chatting with a friend who has recently moved and it was brought up that the hardware needed to complete building a shelf unit was missing after the move.  After a few attempts to find them I got the idea to ask a horary.

 At first I was not sure if I should use the friend as the 1st house or myself as I did ask the question.  Often when asking about another person (usually not one that the person asking the question has any real stock in the question… like asking about the president or a celebrity) the 1st house is used as the significator location.  I decided that I was going to include myself, as he never asked and I just jumped in trying to help.  I am assigned the 1st house and he the 7th as the other person in general.  The hinges will be the turned 2nd (8th radix) as the house of movable possessions. 

I am Mercury, as it is the Lord of the 1st house.  This is appropriate in that I am being a messenger and not able to really help because of distance.  And would you look at that?  It appears I am in his home the 7th, yup just barged in uninvited.  Being in Pisces, Mercury is in Detriment and in Fall, so I am expecting not to do well in this horary or at the very least, escorted out.  He is the Lord of the 7th, Jupiter with dignity in his exaltation and term and Mercury’s Face (guess I won’t be escorted out) so the individual’s significators are all fine and happy in angular houses and probably because really it is just hardware that should be easily replaced, so no trauma there.  The lord of the 8th, (the turned 2nd) will tell us about the significators of the item itself.  Mars RX is in the 2nd house in Detriment being Libra.  First of all, the retrograde is a strong indicator that the item will return to the quested.  It may also show with the Detriment that there may be damage or that it is going to be hard to find.  According to Raphael (Raphael’s Horary Astrology London 1883) with Mars we should look at places with cutlery, battlefields, furnaces, or places where bricks have been burned.   Being in Libra we give the direction of West.  Color blue or white nearby and will be found higher up in a room.  It may be among clothing or ornaments or in a container within a container.

The Moon I kind of ignored in this chart, but the Mutual Reception with Jupiter implying a yes, they will be found.   The POF is of importance and is found in the 12th house.  Well that doesn’t bode well as it tells us again it is something well hidden.  Whenever a POF is in the 12th, I will mention to look for water.  In Virgo we should look at a study, where books are kept, a closet, a dairy house… it just gets kind of silly after that so will stop there.

Taken from the written record, mistakes and all.  :  Hidden in the top most part of the house or room.  Amongst clothing, jewelry or ornaments.  Direction, WNW W by N.  near something white or bluish….  .  POF  suggestion of well hidden near water or other liquid.

And the reply I got was:  You pretty much accurately described the second closet, n by wnw with the hot water tank in there.   All that’s left in there is books.

So the assumption was I read the chart wrong.  After that I was turning that chart in all directions and asking…. Could it have been this or that? Continue reading

Horary Technique 3: Rejection

In our last segment we discussed reception, this week we’re going to focus on its opposite and how that relationship effects aspects.

We defined reception as occurring when a planet aspects any of its rulers, or phrased another way, as what happens when a planet is aspected by another planet in its dignities.  The opposite of this would be when a planet aspects another that is in its signs of debility.  Sahl refers to this situation as a “non-reception”, but I advocate the use of a stronger, more concise term; rejection.

Rejection also influences planetary aspectual relationships, but where reception is generally positive and permissive rejection is negative and denying.  Where reception harmonizes more difficult aspects, rejection antagonizes even helpful ones.  The idea behind rejection is that planets will insult or injure the planet whose debility they are in.  An example is if Venus is in Aquarius and aspects the Sun then she insults him with her presence in a sign that harms him.  The planet that is being insulted or injured will then reject the planet who is insulting it, this manifests as an obstacle towards or denial of an event.  Continuing with our example, the Sun is insulted by Venus in Aquarius and so forsake her and doesn’t want to help her.  This is pretty typical of real-life situations; don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

Reception has general rules that make it more or less desirable in particular situations, mostly based on which planet is receiving who.  As discussed in the last article, we typically want other planets to receive the querent’s significator as it shows people or situations that want to assist the querent, whereas this reversed isn’t as helpful to our querent obtaining their goal.  Rejection, however, doesn’t have such nuance.  If either party rejects the other difficulty ensues.

Will the New Guy and I get along?

In this example, the querent wants to know if a new face at work will get along with them and the rest of the department.  This new guy has replaced an old manager who was not well liked by his employees, so hopes were high for this individual.  We can immediately see some problems with our new guy, but we mainly want to focus on the signs involved for this example.  First we’ll notice that the querent is signifed by Mars and the new guy gets Venus (as lady of the seventh) and Jupiter (who is in the Seventh house), interestingly, both of these planets are in signs that are antithetical to Mars.  Jupiter in Taurus is in the Fall of Mars, and Venus in Libra is in his Detriment.  This is a rejection where Venus and Jupiter insult Mars and this tells us that our querent will have difficulty getting along with their new manager.  This was indeed the case. Continue reading

An Astrologer’s Sick Day: Decumbiture

Several weeks ago I wasn’t feeling well, but I thought I could tough it out and go to work anyway to complete my shift.  Unfortunately one of my co-workers confronted me about my health (apparently I can’t act healthy) and then informed a manager who told me to go home.  To be honest, this was a relief, but on my way home I started thinking that this would be perfect for a decumbiture chart since I would literally know the minute I went to bed.  So, risking a “you know you’re an astrologer if…” joke, I took a note of it and passed out.

Doctors Treat a Patient

A decumbiture chart is a tool used in medical astrology that helped physicians diagnose and treat illnesses in their patients.  The word “decumbiture” is derived from the Latin “decumbo” which means ‘to lie or to fall down’.  This word defines the timing necessary for the chart, which is the moment the patient felt so overcome with their illness that they had to take to bed to rest.  Of course, this timing seems very arbitrary and is difficult to obtain from people who do not know beforehand to take note of it.  For this reason there have been other eligible times offered by talented medical astrologers from the past and present, but we’re just going to focus on this timing since I knew beforehand to take note of it.

Decumbiture for August 22nd

In this chart my body is ruled the First house and it’s represented by Mars in Cancer which is not doing very well in the Sign of its Fall and in the cadent Ninth house.  However, I also share this signification with the illness itself as the Sixth house is also ruled by this planet.  With this in mind the significations become more clear.  Not only does Mars show my own health and vitality at this point, but also the disease and its symptoms.  Lilly says the disease shown by Mars is violent fevers (which was true) and that the disease is very short (which was also true), so there’s some hope just in that description.  I was feverish, achey, and coughing up mucus, all of which sounds about right for a signification of Mars in Cancer.  What’s most interesting about this is that Mars’s placement in the Ninth house likely refers to why I was sick.  I had just returned home from the NCGR conference, and the Lord of the Sixth in the Ninth shows illness from travel.

The Moon next applies to Mars while carrying the light of her recent Trine to Jupiter.  This is very fortunate as not only does the Moon applying to the First house lord show a quick recovery, but translating the light from a well dignified Jupiter to it shows aid coming to the body and lessens the seriousness of the illness shown.  Had Saturn somehow connected with Mars this would of course worsen the condition or show it being more serious than it appears (especially since he’s in the Twelfth in this particular chart), but since the Trine is so far separating it’s negligible.  Mercury’s presence in connection with Mars could also have been dangerous for two reasons; Mercury tends to exacerbate Mars naturally and Mercury is the Lord of the Eighth which shows the death of the ill person.

The cure of any decumbiture chart is shown by the Tenth house and its lord, and here we have the Sun at the very end of Leo in the Tenth.  I’m not necessarily sure how this signified cure played out in my own case as all I did was sleep for 4 hours and drank about 5 gallons of tea and honey.  Honey, though, is a Solar/Jovian food, so it could be showing that, but it’s likely that the illness was so negligible in scope that a cure wasn’t necessary anyway. Continue reading