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The Angular Houses

The Angular houses consist of the 1st, 4th,7th, and 10th.  The signs that correspond to these houses are the Cardinal ones; Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn.  These houses start each cusp with one of the axis of the Ascendant/Descendant or MC/IC in the majority of the house systems.  Planets found in these positions will be stronger than in other locations.   In Horary, it represents shorter intervals of time and a more likely favorable outcome.

I am going into rant mode for the moment.   I have interacted with Astrology students and found a disturbing trend.   The need to be fair slopped over into an argument that all of the houses are just as powerful and the we are all equal and whatever.  No, it is not equal, nor are individuals.  We have driven dynamic humans and we have milquetoast, and everything in between.  It is a disservice to the credibility of Astrology if it needs to be watered down to the lowest common denominator.


The first house begins with the Ascendant.   The Ascendant marks the placement of the eastern horizon at the time a horoscope is cast, and from there the rest of the chart is drawn.   The house represents our personality, our physical appearance, and our bodies.  All of that modified with the Lord of the cusp and it’s placement and condition.  Also planets found on this angle will be amplified throughout the life.   It represents the physical condition (Jacobson’s gives it a car’s condition… so car would be first also)  This house also rules the head when working with Decumbiture charts or specifics with Horary.  In Event and Horaray, the first house is the Querent, the person asking the question, or the person or thing that initiated the event.  It also  is the placement for the “home team” in a VS type of chart used with competitions, with sports teams, lawsuits, and wars.  Raphael (Cross) mentions the first house items from many turned charts scenarios…. such as it is the wife of an enemy or partner (the 7th from the 7th is the 1st)  He also uses it when answering questions with planets and locations instead of having a quested significator.   Accidents, frame of mind, the state of ships at sea,  with Jacobson adding health, birth, arrivals, the present, adventure, new ventures, new comers,  Grandparents and Great Grandchildren.     The color associated with the house is white according to William Lilly.  The direction given is East.


With most systems of houses, the fourth cusp is marked with the IC.  In this house we find the foundations, the beginnings, and the ends.  Before the musical chairs of house assignments, the fourth was known as the house representing death, anciently the joy of Saturn instead of the 12th.  The fourth is our past, our paternal legacy and the location of the father.  The Lord of the cusp and it’s aspects and placement will tell more of the house story.  This is also the house of hidden treasures, or resources found underground, wells, drilling, anything with roots.  In Horary and Event Charts, this is the house for property for sale, leases, buildings, graves, miners, gardeners, farmers, juryman (Jacobson) and items lost.  Raphael adds fields, land, vineyards… Continue reading