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Uranus opposed Saturn round 4

I tend to stand as a contradiction to all of my traditional friends, as I am the walking embodiment of Uranus energy being beat up by Neptune transits and foggy reasoning.  My chart co ruler is Uranus by modern methods.  Uranus is conjunct Pluto (as most of my generation) for that extra punch.  Relationships tend to last for me one cycle of Uranus.  I have had 3 serious relationships when the men each had turned 40… I think on some wall in a bathroom stall in Omaha (Pluto conj, remember) my number must be painted along with “For a good time during your midlife (Uranus) crisis, and no responsibility… be the artist you always pretended to be, who needs work… call Theresa at……..

I am learning, really.  First marriage when Uranus and Saturn conjunct.   Children with their Uranus (and Neptune) on my Asc and Merc conj Mars…. Continue reading

Sue Ward’s Outer Planet Paper

Recently, I read a paper written by Sue Ward titled Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto:  An Investigation into the Sources of their Symbolism.  This paper definitely lives up to its name as an investigative paper as Ward tracks down the sometimes obscure origins of the three newer planets.

As any astrologer of the traditional persuasion will tell you, the outer planets haven’t been around long enough to assimilate the depth of symbolism that they have in modern astrological practices.  Ward points this out in her paper, but also goes farther into the discussion by pointing out just what exactly went wrong.  She attributes much of the confusion and the seemingly random associations with a lack of understanding the astrological philosophy, theosophical dogma, and random harebrained ideas.

Ward does an exceptional job at breaking down the symbolism of the outer planets and offering questions to think about at the end.   At the end of the day, though traditional astrologers will see it as reaffirming what they’ve thought while modern astrologers will mostly see it as an attack on their system.  No matter what side of the fence you sit on in this Great Debate, you’ll learn something about astrological history, and knowledge is a good thing.

The paper can be purchased at Sue Ward’s website for 5 British Pounds, which translates into about 8 USD.  It’s an amazing deal as the paper is 82 pages long and is full of information about this difficult and confusing time in astrology’s past where everyone was trying to figure out how to deal with the three curve balls Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

So go get it! Continue reading

Astrology: The Sweet Dreams of the 8th House

I have been researching through the web trying to find what in the Zodiac rules over dreams and nightmares. I found what I expected, reference to the 12th house and 4th house, and the Moon and Neptune pointed at also. Notice that 2 houses that are represented by water signs are mentioned, but what about the other one… DUM DUM DUM … the dreaded 8th house. Continue reading

Synastry: Weighing in the Planet

There are many considerations that the astrologer should include when working with synastry charts. One of the most important and rarely spoken of factors is the weight an individual planet carries. We can look at aspects between charts, but if not having the fundamental understanding of the individual nativities, we loose a precision in the reading.

Let’s take a look at my Moon. Moon in Cancer in the 6th house. Continue reading