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Darker Obsessions, what causes that?

Lately, I have been looking at relationships that don’t even exist.  It has to do with obsessions and why we are so taken by someone and not someone else.  I previously wrote of John Elway and how it was not only feel good stuff in the synastry, but the composite shed some more light on the whys… even though we do not interact in a relation.

I spent New Years with videos of Tim Curry…. and it is one of the best New Years Eve’s I have had to date.  Tim Curry is a very talented man.  He has done plays, movies, recorded music, the voice in cartoons, a Disney ride, and many audio books.  I remember first seeing him in The Rocky Horror Picture Show, playing the sweet Transvestite, from transsexual, Transylvania… It was like “BAM” hit with something… Continue reading

Astrology: Me,me,me

I have a 12th house Sun.  I would love nothing more than to hide under a rock and be left alone.  There are strong feelings of unworthiness and often feeling invisible, most often chained to our own self undoing.  So I have to ask myself, why on Earth am I blogging.  Firstly, I will acknowledge the Mercury Mars conjunction on the Ascendant, I should have been born with a pen in hand.  I have been taken back often about the use of the personal pronoun “I” for as often as I have used it.  This really should make me (another personal pronoun) uncomfortable.  I  would suppose it does, as I am writing about it.

There is an axis in Astrology of the later degrees of Aquarius/Leo, and they belong to Astrologers.  Alan Leo, modern Astrology’s forefather spoke of the 27 degree of Leo being the degree of the reincarnated Astrologer.  Well, Alan Leo had a stellium in that area so that may have something to do with the belief.  The later degrees of Aquarius have also been linked to those of Astrologers.  Does that mean we have to have the degree activated to be Astrologers?  Of course not, but it is often the case… and look closely, sometimes there is a conjunction to the Antiscion or an Asteroid or maybe a cusp of a house.  I have my Vertex at 27 degrees Leo and in the 7th house.  The nature of the Vertex will always be with others (outside of the self) as it will lie between the 5th and 8th house.

The Vertex is considered the second Ascendant…. there are some wonderful works out there on the net about the use of the Vertex, but we should keep in mind it is a recent discovery and really needs more documentation and study before assigning a black and white meaning to it and the opposite axis point, the Anti Vertex.   Charles Jayne did discover the point and left little clue to what he believed the interpretation should be.  Many have likened it to a portal to other dimensions.  My inclination is to read the vertex axis as, an output/input axis. Continue reading

Attractions, Crushes, Obsessions, John Elway, and Astrology

We so want to find our soulmates, our other half, the one that makes us feel so alive it becomes a delicious,  painful pursuit.  The Femme Fatal, Black Widow, Praying Mantis, the dark destructive moth to flame obsession that we nervously try to pass off as love. The irresistable pull, the run away train that we have boarded…. is any of this love?  Maybe in a Black Lillith Moon kind of way, but really it is an attraction that blows into an obsession.  This energy often tears families apart, shatters dreams and hurts those innocent people close enough to rip and shred when the time bomb goes off.  Often you will see those transits applying to natal and or progressed charts, but how it plays out is up to the individual… I hope.  I have recently watched marriages destroyed, families uprooted, and many hearts broken over LOVE.  Something wrong here, love is warm, accepting, encouraging, nurturing, inclusive, encompassing, joyful…. I haven’t been seeing that.  What is common in these individual’s charts?  I turned to my own little obsessions to find a common pattern.

We all have some celebrity or other we at one point or another wanted to plaster our walls with their posters, maybe fantasized about meeting.  Yet, we all focus on someone different mostly.  Some celebs we feel a special bond toward. Continue reading

Synastry Aspects for Soulmates and Twinflames

Let me start this out by quoting myself on a phrase I coined. Sometimes “Soulmate” means sleeping with a knife under the pillow. That’s harsh, I know. Many of us yearn for that perfect storybook romantic love of life that ballads are sung of and poets wax on about. As for my take? Continue reading